Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is a signature series all about?
    The signature series is a collection of designs especially selected for Gecko Fabric and sourced from artists with amazing talents. We give more detail for each artist in our blog posts so you can find out more about them. 
    These designs are custom printed on high quality fabric so you can enjoy fabric designs only available here.
      • How do I order fabric from your store?
      Add your desired design and fabric to your cart, then checkout and pay securely.  Payment options include debit/credit cards and Paypal.
      • How do pre orders work?
      The designs will be available to order for a limited time., which will be specified on the pre-order page. When ordering, the full value of the order value is due for payment immediately.
      Once the order period closes, those fabrics which have reached the required minimum quantity to be ordered from the manufacturer will be sent for printing.  Any orders where the minimum has not been reached, you can order something else or request a refund.
      The wait is usually around 6 - 8 weeks for the fabric to arrive with me. With the current delays in shipping the wait could be longer but I will always keep you updated. The balance payment will be due before your fabric will be cut and despatched. Your fabric will be cut to order and shipped promptly. Should the balance not be paid the deposit is forfeit. In the unlikely event Gecko Fabric can not deliver the fabric anymore a refund will be given.
      • Does Gecko Fabric offer bulk wholesale discount?
      Please do contact me in order to discuss your needs.
      • Can I buy in metres rather than half metres?
      Yes, please select quantity of 2 for one metre or 4 for two metres.
        • Do you offer a "print your own" service?
        Yes, as we're trialling this service there may be a few delays.
        Currently the minimum order is 10 metres for Print your own and orders are sent to the printer weekly on a Monday morning.  
        Order before Sunday 8pm every week to avoid delays.
          • How does delivery work?
          When the fabric arrives from the manufacturer, it is then cut into your  pre-ordered lengths.  Fabric is then packed and shipped with Royal Mail 48 hour service.
          Any fabric not sold is put up for retail sale.
          Print your own service will be sent by courier.
            • Are the fabrics OEKO-TEX certified?
            Yes, we only source from certified manufacturers.
              • What can I make using knit fabric?
              There are so many possibilities!  Popular options for jersey knits include dresses, skirts, tops, underwear, pajamas, t-shirts.
                • How long will it take my pre-order to arrive?
                Normal processing time is about 6-8 weeks from the advertised closure date for the pre-order.  During uncertain times it could take longer.
                  • What payment options do you offer?
                  Debit/credit cards and Paypal.
                    • Do gift cards expire?
                    Gift cards are valid for 1 year from date of purchase.
                    • Is wholesale pricing available?
                      • Yes, please email us and we'll send more information. 
                    • What constitutes a flaw?
                      • Stretch fabric can shrink during a wash, and we make every effort to cut each length slightly over the length advertised in order to account for this. The industry standard for shrinkage is a tolerance of 5%. If you find that your fabric has shrunk more than 5% after washing, then please contact us so we can resolve this for you.

                    It is not uncommon to find flaws along the selvedge due to the printing process and any flaws found within this area are not eligible for a refund.

                    If a flaw in the printing process or white speckles/dots is found within the main area and can be covered by a 10 pence piece then it is not eligible for a refund. Marks that are on the reverse of the fabric and do not affect the print are also not considered to be a flaw and are not eligible for a refund. If the flaw you have found is larger than a 10 pence piece, please contact us within three days of receiving your order and we shall work to find a suitable resolution for you.

                    If you placed an order for 10 metres of a particular fabric, then we shall always endeavour to cut it in a continuous length for you. However, please be aware that this is not always possible as we try and avoid any flaws that we may find as we cut. It is not considered a flaw if we are unable to supply the fabric in one continuous length for you, we shall always make sure that the shortest length supplied is no shorter than was originally advertised.