What is cotton jersey fabric?

What is cotton jersey fabric?

Cotton jersey fabric is knitted with interlocking loops of yarn making it stretchy. It’s different from a woven fabric where the yarns crisscross perpendicular to each other.

Jersey, made from cotton, is normally a fine single knit with an obvious right and wrong side but different knit constructions can produce a double faced fabric, like scuba, which is more stable with less stretch. The cotton may be used on its own or mixed with spandex (Lycra) to improve the stretch and recovery of the fabric.

The stretch properties of cotton jersey make it ideal for T-shirts, tops, nightwear and underwear. It drapes nicely so it is perfect for dresses and skirts too.
Composition of a basic cotton jersey is 92% Cotton, 8% Spandex (lycra). It is soft to the touch and feels great on the skin.
Jersey is easy to wear and sewing patterns calling for Jersey are generally not complex to construct. 
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